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Marketing office furniture into the new age (a)

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Since April this year, the office furniture industry downturn seems to be universal. Some makers Mired in the coinsurance capital chain rupture, some big companies because of the involvement of civil furniture or real estate business, affected by the regulation, to internal adjustment and spending cuts, investigate its reason, in addition to individual manufacturers' own problems, mainly the influence of the environment.
General downturn of the market environment
Downturn in the global economy continues to affect the office furniture is given priority to with export enterprise, not only shipments decreases, prices also are down again and again, many companies almost at cost, or even below cost, export purpose is to want to keep the enterprise running, waiting for opportunities to improve. Domestic influenced by real estate regulation and control, the overall economy is not as usual to high-speed growth of the two Numbers, fallout, purchasing power and demand. In addition, the Chinese government has paid attention to the administrative expenses of except "three fairs", such as the guangzhou bureau of finance website, is for the new revision of the "guangzhou city administrative unit commonly used utilities configuration standards" for public comment, in the purchase of office furniture prices have specific specifications, and is now the government procurement off-season, the short term also influence the procurement of office furniture.
Changing marketing thinking
This is the worst time, is also the best of times, is both opportunities and challenges. Manufacturer to identify the core of office furniture business value, establish a higher threshold, using the time transformation, seek development. Carnegie believed that an entrepreneur the key moment to seize the opportunity, make use of the opportunity. But only to new ideas, new thinking, and the wisdom of the professional teams face, to grasp, to outperform humans. After all, the same opportunity for everyone to use, only very few people can catch.
With the development of marketing theory, office furniture manufacturers according to their own comprehensive strength and advantage, choose suitable for the development of marketing and mode of thinking, the essence of the integrated marketing methods, realize win-win situation of social and economic benefits.
New marketing principles and platform
The basic way of the future marketing office furniture should be in the face of second level 3 city marketing. In contrast, is to develop products suitable for the market demand. Should grasp the enterprise the proportion of batch production of products and personalized products.
Must be in the system furniture, tables, cabinets, chairs, director of furniture has a comprehensive, series development thinking, every item should be attach importance to design innovation, and have a group effect, show adequately design ability and enterprise strength.
Further public products, public furniture, school furniture, medical furniture, furniture of financial) development.
At least have paint wood products and the screen plate, seat of the research and development, production capacity.
Product research and development, production system will include the environmental protection.
When no into the industry's leading brand, don't be too avant-garde or conceptual niche product development, in order to avoid the waste of resources.
Price is the value of currency performance, cost performance is the proportion of the relationship between performance and price, high cost performance is an important criterion of market.
What kind of high performance/price ratio, and office furniture to call? Price is only 70% of the same quality, specification, type 70, can call it cost-effective. In product level configuration, to ensure the cost-effective products accounted for 8080% of the total product % enterprise.
Ensure all the products, will eventually achieve 2020% % 110% gross margin, net profit 2020%.
Reasonable pricing, avoid excessive profits, give full consideration to the proportion of profits and market share, clever balance relationship of the two, maximize the profit of.
To do big must have a good channel, and the reasonable collocation of high, medium and low-grade products. Different grade of products, with a different brand, but to do multiple channels combination, at the same time, each channel has a professional development, management, assistance, and sharing mechanism.
Direct selling: suitable for in Beijing/tianjin, Shanghai, guangdong pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta area diameter range of 400400 km.
Pin: belongs to the scope of direct selling, its headquarters of pin team mostly depend on factory direct sales outlets, by professional designers and area cooperation, or to use its own has important resources development big customers directly.
Distribution: this is manufacturer sales channels, the most difficult to control with divided into total distribution, distribution agents, joined, image store, supermarket, project/engineering, etc.
Export sales.
Net sales: this is a new way of marketing. When the enterprise established a national logistics system, can try this method. The best is given priority to with study, SOHO, small office furniture.
This is belongs to the category of marketing operation, include: brand management, VVII execution, advertising, marketing materials, related activities, participate in the exhibition, public relations operation, market operation, project operation, public welfare activities, international exchange, sales promotion, the exhibition hall stores... Its operation point is to spend every penny worth. Even if again rich enterprise, also want to pinch pennies. But at present domestic office furniture industry is the most common mistake, spent a lot of money but can not reach the effect.
Market operation without the environment, especially the government's policy. Purchase of office furniture in domestic, the largest group units and institutions is the government.
Therefore, enterprises should focus on policy change, timely adjust their products and marketing.
Major policy will affect the industry? Enterprises have contingency measures?
The government's significant investment, will bring business opportunities?
The government issued quality standards, and the anastomosis of your product?
The government procurement specification affect sales?
Marketing is indispensable to talent, the enterprise should be importance to introduction and training of talents. Must have a professional talent introduction, training plan, and mechanism.
Scientific configuration personnel, recruitment with pertinence.
Training methods are: independent training, training, etc.
Training categories: marketing training, production training, design, assembly training, professional training, management training, etc.
Best equipped with specialized training venues, courses, teachers, textbooks.
When the enterprise has enough strength, can consider to set up the professional colleges and universities, the training of specialists in the field of office furniture.
(public relations)
This is not the general public relations intercourse dinner party, but a management functions, in the marketing system, public relations is a tool for enterprises to establish public trust.
Companies use their resources, capital and other advantages, to establish a good relationship with media, organizations, institutions, to promote public awareness of the enterprise, understanding and support, to improve the visibility and reputation, the purpose of promoting product sales.
The nature of the public relations, make it have a natural close contact with the media, but at present, most office furniture enterprises are lack of awareness. Don't attach importance to the media, not to strive for voice is a common phenomenon in this industry.

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