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Furniture industry may only set up the benchmark can spend winter

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Furniture of winter has long been a topic is to reach consensus in the industry, but it seems the more adversity, for the industry and market, the more we need to benchmark. In 2012, the Beijing news "household" benchmarking selection has entered the third year, the outstanding performance of the company in 2012 in benchmarking given hope to own at the same time also to the whole industry in the hope that through the force of example.
Although the industry as a whole situation is not good, but in 2012 suburban sincere household square four blasting marketing campaign has achieved success, in April, June, September 3 field blasting marketing respectively achieved 71 million yuan to one hundred million yuan, 76 million yuan and two days of performance, caused the industry attention. In September, beauty of red star triumphant dragon "comparison", "online price comparison, offline shopping", two days sales of 190 million yuan, for home and electrical business cooperation successful attempt to float subsequently.
In fact, such examples abound in this year's benchmark enterprises. Beijing business committee in November launch furniture to old change new activities, a month of furniture to old change new, won the stores of benchmarking 5 pilot sales companies 25000 sales of furniture, the sales amount of 150 million yuan, nearly thirty percent of the total sales of the similar furniture. In this process, different furniture recycling, return products such as problems in the process of pilot one by one.
Unexpectedly the home of the group President Wang Linpeng suggests that only the weak enterprise without a weak industry, so it's very important to business confidence, "the so-called confidence is management, service and so on all aspects to do the best, not afraid of market impact". Lights decoration city, said zhang, general manager of enterprise under the environment of negative should have a confidence, the confidence is derived from the standing of benchmarking enterprise, they can seize the opportunity, in such an environment evolution.
Since the real estate regulation and control, as downstream industries home float subsequently face enormous challenges, however, benchmarking companies did not fall in the "winter", it is in active efforts to look for opportunities, find response law under the "weakness". As a household soft outfit mall, which opened in adversity, act the role of world wind household act the role ofing is tasted, deputy general manager of port operations, rabbi believes that the market is bound to have peaks and troughs, adversity can give companies a chance to exercise themselves. "There are crisis is better for us to a more sober mind, more objective attitude, to clear its own reality, to the domestic market situation, demand".
Just the end of the central economic work conference pointed out that the urbanization is the historical mission of China's modernization construction, is also the greatest potential for expanding domestic demand, to improve the quality of urbanization around, improve the occasion, disadvantages, actively guide the healthy development of urbanization. The news spread and become the regulation of the real estate market is a major positive signals.
As chang-he liu, chairman of Beijing suburban sincere hotel furniture square, there are a lot of outstanding enterprises in history, such as Microsoft, wal-mart is overcome the difficulties in the crisis, such as growing up, so the adversity is also a challenge, is also growing. Enterprise must have the courage and determination to overcome difficulties, to actively seek a breakthrough and the methods to solve the problem, and then to complete with their feet on the ground of execution. Square, deputy general manager of Orient home household YanYuXin also said that the property market regulation disturbance media certainly every year launched a similar campaign, I think this is a good thing, on the one hand, encourage enterprises to do better, on the other hand also conveys some consumer willingness to protect consumer interests. Benchmarking is selected to all, however, we all hope that enterprises are able to judge on benchmark of good service for consumers.
My view is that an enterprise is to have multiple standards, benchmarking is a product quality pass, the second is brand awareness is high enough, 3 it is to provide consumers with services in place, four is whether complete tax indicators, five workers were placed on the "five social insurance and one housing fund" whether, whether the enterprise management perfect, finally how about environmental protection, the enterprise benefit, only to meet these standards can be called benchmarking enterprise.
Benchmarking is to be an example to all of enterprises, including enterprise management, contribution to the society, to industry, all must reflect the power of role models. First of all, is not only to make a big enterprise, but also to do good, do have a benefit of enterprise; Second is to perfect enterprise management, to be able to healthy, sustainable development, can not have, today, there is no tomorrow; Finally, the enterprise as a benchmark, on its own to act on social responsibility, both internal management and external operation, should be fair, just, so consumers shopping will be more at ease, more selective.

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