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In the second half of 2016, how to transform the office furniture industry

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Office furniture industry in China has been in a leading position in the furniture industry, a lot of new technology, new material first applied in the office furniture, intelligent furniture also is widely used in office furniture, office furniture brand enterprise development early, get the social recognition.
First, the office furniture production enterprise brand awareness is higher, the developing situation of domestic top 20 enterprises is pretty good. In the case of economic downward pressure is bigger, they still achieved better performance;
Second, the office furniture marketing model has been formed, the government procurement office furniture has accumulated relatively rich experience, many enterprises become the government procurement designated suppliers;
Third, office furniture enterprises to strengthen technological innovation ability, research and development efforts to increase year by year, basic can meet the market demand;
Fourth, office furniture electricity are forming. The penetration of the Internet for office furniture industry in growing, has quite a few enterprises involved in e-commerce, has obtained the good effect.
Experts believe that the current situation of office furniture mainly has five effect:
First, the provisions of the state government entities at all levels in five years to build office buildings, not compressed present leading cadre's office premises. The regulation of government procurement of office furniture to bring certain influence, at the same time, it puts forward new requirements for office furniture enterprises. Enterprises should constantly adjust, adapt to changes in the new situation;
Second, in a variety of measures for uprooting corruptions and being in probity, luxurious and splendour of the industry will shrink. The office furniture, office environment are put forward new requirements, to standardize enterprises, standardize trade is good;
Third, the development of the Internet business, combined with the development of the electricity, the home office has a certain influence. Price of the product is more transparent, the design of product is more readily available, online sales become another channel, forcing firms to adjust the marketing;
Fourth, to enter the new normal, economic growth amplitude decreases, and is also trying to reduce the growth of office furniture, office expenses in compression, more intense competition in the market;
Fifth, cross-combination of industry convergence speed, and related upstream and downstream enterprises in the field of in office furniture, make the industry more competitive.
Therefore, under the new situation, the office furniture industry needs to constantly improve innovation ability, to adapt to the changes in the new situation, improve the market competitiveness.

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