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The expert inside course of study in-depth creation concept of Chinese style furniture

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The essence of the Chinese nation splendid culture precipitation, mainly in the Ming and qing dynasties reflected the charm on the style of furniture.
"Nationalization" office furniture, especially after the scientific, reasonable, the traditional product with interior decoration design, send out a boundless charm. Really worth in-depth: on the design concept, not cultural thoughts of communication. And the idea, infiltrate into the whole process of design, production, so as to give spiritual and personality to the furniture. Have such rich philosophy and the connotation of corporate philosophy, its products are not in style, material, process and other intuitive form division series, but from a humanities artistic conception of a series of products, according to the cultural characteristics of a community, to adapt to this kind of feeling in a crowd, so as to make, but a kind of creation. Chinese style furniture now extends out from the concept of traditional several new form, new way of using, new way of collocation. "New wood do" Chinese style furniture into the more modern elements, the pursuit of spirit likeness and the like, but in the original shape and function with innovation, so as to better meet the needs of modern home. Owns the senior technicians, designers, and the international first-class drying equipment and more than 100 woodworking Italian production line, make furniture manufacturing to avoid sharp conflict, contemporary element and ancient element organic combine, both the e era of intelligent and conceptual design, and the traditional calm and thinking. Based on the diversity of modern furniture industry, this through the scientific and reasonable "nationalization" furniture, the traditional product with interior decoration design thoughts are sending out the long lasting appeal.

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