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The difference between American furniture with Europe type furniture

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American furniture style mainly rooted in European civilization. What we call "American" furniture, refers to the normal FederalStyle (federated style). Federal type furniture and neoclassical furniture, which was in 1760, the current prevalence of Europe. Neoclassical abandoned the baroque and rococo style seeks bizarre and flashy, set up in a new awareness of classical, emphasize concise, clear lines and elegant, decent and decoration. And American furniture of Europe type furniture is different on some of the details of disposal, for example, American furniture paint with a single color is given priority to, and most of Europe type furniture with golden or the rest of the color decoration. Another important feature of American furniture is its practicality strong match, like there is specially used for sewing table; Could be longer, or split into many small table in the dining tables. Nothing more than, whether European furniture is still the American furniture, highly decorative. Besides bellflower, MaiShu and VAT form adornment, and some design which is the symbol of patriotism in the United States as an eagle form design, etc. They are commonly used inlaid trick, and garnish with paint or low relief. American furniture of style requires strict coating process, confused mass is another characteristic of American furniture, like a pure family has a cracked paint used in the sofa and the coating with the 19 working procedure. And this characteristic is the request to spend in the choice, the American furniture in full understanding of American furniture style characteristic of micro basically, more to household decoration, household overall environment and household colour collocation must understand. Must be according to the office on the choice of office furniture to decorate the great atmosphere of choosing the most appropriate furniture.

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